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Clear Men Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – Cool Sport Menthol-Review

My husband has moderate dandruff in a very dry scalp. It is really disgusting that the dryness builds up into mounds and flakes off. He has tried many other shampoos

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Camellia Duranta Bicycle 20”: Pran RFL cycle for girls

PRAN RFL, Camellia Duranta bicycle has shimmery bright violet color with flower graphics and yellow flowery decorate the frame of bike. The chain is covered with white color steel for

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Mercedes-Benz car Bangladesh launches latest SUV-The GLC300

2016 Mercedes-Benz car GLC-300 has launched in Dhaka on Tuesday at an Experience Center of Rancon Motors, mercedes benz dealers in Bangladesh. The new mercedes car GLC 300, an SUV feels heavier

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Dabur Amla hair Oil review

Dabur Amla hair oil for hair  is used for more than hundred years in this south Asia continent for its benefits of amla oil for hair growth. Dabur Amla hair oil

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Walton Primo GH6 mobile :latest mobile with Marshmallow 6.0

Walton new mobile, Walton Primo GH6 mobile is the latest android 3G enabled Walton smartphone announced by Bangladeshi Walton company Walton mobile again comes up with new primo series, Primo GH6.

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ওয়াল্টন প্রিমো জিএইচ৬ মোবাইলঃ মার্শম্যালো ৬.০ অপারেটিং সিস্টেমের ওয়াল্টনের নতুন মোবাইল

ওয়াল্টনের নতুন মোবাইল, বাংলাদেশী ওয়াল্টন কোম্পানী ওয়াল্টন মোবাইল ৩জি সংযুক্ত প্রিমো সিরিজের নতুন এন্ড্রোয়েড স্মার্টফোন ওয়াল্টন প্রিমো জিএইচ৬ ঘোষণা করেছে। ওয়াল্টন স্মার্টফোনটিতে মার্শম্যালো ৬.০ এন্ড্রোয়েড অপারেটিং সিস্টেম ব্যাবহার করা হয়েছে বলে জানা

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Huawei P9 Mobile : next upcoming latest huawei mobile

While I was researching for a good quality smartphone for my 50,000 TK budget, then I got charmed by seeing the Huawei P9 Mobiles features, and I am still waiting for

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How to buy a microwave oven: buying tips for microwave oven

Bangladeshi people are fond of foods. Our food is reputed worldwide for its varied cuisines. However nowadays, with gradually hectic schedules, busier lifestyles and hassle-free cooking, people aren’t able to

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Samsung Galaxy J1 Nxt review : cheapest budget Samsung phone

The top cheapest budget Samsung Galaxy J1 next smartphones has been quite a successful launch in Bangladesh . Samsungs entry level  J1 nxt mobile looks interesting for its pricing. There

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L Oréal paris total repair 5 shampoo review

I am always a fan of Pantene pro V shampoo for long years. So, I was a great fan of pantene shampoo, until I got a chance to try this

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What Size Bicycle Do you Need: Bike frame sizes, charts and fitting tips

Before buy, gain some knowledge on bicycle size, bike size chart, bike fitting, bike frame size. In our article we will go through about all issues. If you are a

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The Walton Primo ZX2 review

The Walton primo ZX2 is Premium with Rich AMOLED display and Powerful with MicroSD and dual SIM slots. Walton primo ZX2 is another smartphone for Walton primo series. We’ve watched

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How to choose Women Bike: women bike buying guide

This post is about choosing a good women friendly cycle. I have thought so many things about women bike, because the road and pavement are bit noisy and not women

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How to buy a Motorbike: Motor Bike Buying Guide for your safety

Before you buy your motorbike, you need to now and concern about some critical issues. The important point is that, your body type: If you cannot put both feet flat

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How to increase Mileage of bike -Top12 tips to increase mileage

There are Top 12 tips to increase and raise your mileage. Do you want to increase your bike mileage? There are some increasing tips for any kind scooters and bikes.

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