Dare to Buy Most Expensive Honda Goldwing Motorcycle:Price Rs 32lakh !!

Most Expensive Honda Goldwing Motorcycle:Price Rs 32lakh !!


The 1833cc, flat six motor is updated from the ground up. Bore is down by 1mm, which reduces overall engine capacity by 73mm. A major advantage of this Honda Goldwing is that engine length is reduced by 29mm, making it more compact. It is 6.5 kilos lighter as well.



New 4 valves-per-cylinder and molybdenum-coated piston skirts push power up by 7PS. New power output is 126PS at 5500rpm and 170Nm of torque at 4500rpm. According to Honda engineers, the new motor is 20 per cent more fuel efficient.

The headlamp is a sharper looking unit and features complete LED lighting. Tail lamps are LEDs as well.

New in electronics are ride-by-wire with four preset riding modes – Eco, Rain, Touring and Sport. Of course, you get the de rigeur traction control, cruise control and hill start assist. Also new is the 7-speed DCT transmission, another first in the segment.

Honda Goldwing gets reverse assist and a walking mode that allows you to easily manoeuvre the bike for ease of parking.

The large infotainment system gets Apple CarPlay, a world-first for a motorcycle. Of the features include heated seats, electrically adjustable windscreen and keyless start.

Honda Launches 2018 Goldwing In India.

The bike will come in two trims – Standard and Tour edition. STANDARD edition retails at Rs 32.49 lakhs and adds electronic suspension adjustment, traction control, heated seats and a large top box to the mix.




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