What is Galaxy Fold 2/Flip? Price, Specs, Design, Leaks, and Everything

What is Galaxy Fold 2/Flip? Price, Specs, Design, Leaks, and Everything


The charm of GALAXY Fold has still overtaken the markets. Bringing in the new tech has been into the legacy of Samsung in the Android World. Last year, Samsung was fortunate enough to spill the beans on something new, something creative. 

Although Samsung Galaxy Fold can’t be ranked as perfect it tended the first one of its own type.  For the sake of continuity, Samsung has been working over another Foldable phone with more perfection, of course. Speculations are made that Motorola Razr has been the inspiration for the new Samsung Fold 2 a.k.a GALAXY Flip.

samsung Galaxy Fold 2
Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Source

At IFA, Samsung confirmed that the very next foldable smartphone will boast a clamshell form factor. Just like its predecessor, must-be-called Fold 2 will hold upon a Flexible display body. Don’t forget that the previous foldable handset was WEAK from every aspect apart from its substantial price. 

This time, a better processor, camera, and performance can be expected from the upcoming Samsung GALAXY Flip. Let’s find out what we can expect from the imminent Fold 2. 

The Upgraded- Design


The Galaxy Fold 2 will have a clamshell design beholding back to the mainstream structure factor of the 2000s. As such, the phone will unfurl vertically instead of flipping open like a book. According to the leaked Flip images, the phone will have an adaptable primary screen with an Infinity-O pattern, encompassed by genuinely thick bezels that make the entire gadget look reasonable.

There is a small cover display design for showing the basic information like notifications and time of day. This feature was absent in the Galaxy Fold, but the successor took good care of it.  However, there’s a dual-camera setup just next to the small screen. 

This upcoming sequel will most probably have a compact gadget that will unfold to become twice as large and have a big impact in samsung mobile phones. It’s different from the prequel as it’s more focused on making a 2-in-1 device, phone, and tablet in one. 

Display with Durability 


The Galaxy Fold 2’s interior adaptable screen is relied upon to gauge somewhere in the range of 6.7 and 6.9 inches.  The pixel count is still a secret but the aspect ratio seems to be taller. Samsung is putting forth attempts in taking out the durability concerns defacing the first Galaxy Fold. The company is said to be chipping away at a stronger adaptable screen defender dependent on ultra-thin tempered glass as opposed to polyimide. 

Since the actual direct sequel of Samsung Fold is expected to roll out in 2020. So, it’s quite vague to discover more up to date innovations in the clamshell Galaxy Fold 2. 

Cameras Quality and Features 


Sine, very little information is shared about the upcoming Fold 2, hence no confirmed news has surfaced yet. However, one thing about the GALAXY Flip is very clear that it’s not following the path of Samsung Fold. 

Galaxy Fold flaunts no less than 6 cameras, but the sequel lacks the charming features. The clamshell Galaxy Fold 2 seems to be equipped with only three shooters, one of which is a selfie camera embedded in the Infinity-O display cutout. The other two rear-facing sensors seem rather underwhelming. Either telephoto or ultra-wide lens would be missing in the imminent handset. 

Despite having just a Dual-Camera setup, the Fold 2’s basic cameras are supposed to be extravagant. One lens is supposed to have 108MP resolution, on the other hand, a telephoto unit can be expected with a 5X optical zoom. 

Software highlights 


The clamshell Galaxy Fold 2 tosses App Continuity directly out the window. Samsung’s custom software intended to flawlessly change applications from the spread display to the bigger adaptable board and the other way around is never again required by the clamshell structure as the unfurled display isn’t fit for running applications. 

According to what we know up until this point, there’s little regarding custom software that the Galaxy Fold 2 will convey. There’s One UI 2.0 combined with Android 10 which ought to be sufficient to offer a good experience. It’s rumored to run over last year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. The clamshell structure factor will exhibit an alternate software challenge to Samsung, in how applications would resize when the gadget is half-collapsed and if additional functionality can be empowered in that position. 


Recently, Max Weinbach of XDA developers asserted that the Fold 2 will boast a 3300mAh battery. We’re also fairly confident that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a secondary 900mAh battery residing in one of its halves. It will likely be used to power the small cover display, while a larger battery would power the more demanding flexible panel and other internal components.

Accessibility and Cost 

If we could expect the launch of GALAXY Fold 2/Flip, then the first half of 2020 can be roughly right guess.  As per the rumors, it will make its first impression in the Galaxy S11 which will most expectedly take place on 18th February.  Since it’d be a high-end handset of Samsung; it will surface on the market for around $850-$1,000.

Leaked News 


Another report proposes that Samsung’s clamshell foldable phone won’t be known as the Galaxy Fold 2 or Galaxy Bloom, yet that it will hit the racks as the Galaxy Z Flip. In the interim, a different report shows that the gadget may be constrained to 15W fast charging of no designs to actualize 25W super-quick charging. 
The Galaxy Z Flip has been ensured by China’s administrative organization 3C. The online archives loan greater believability to the gossipy tidbits guaranteeing that the gadget will be restricted to 15W quick charging. 
Samsung may have built up another adaptable display for the Galaxy Z Flip. It’s as far as anyone knows made of ultra-slender glass and has an extra defensive layer made of plastic. It ought to be stronger and simple to fix. The phone is controlled by a battery with a joined limit of 3,300mAh, the gossip claims. 
Throughout the world, new – informal – 3D renders have surfaced. They may offer a more critical take a gander at the Galaxy Z Flip’s conclusive, advertise prepared structure. 
A report from a South Korean distribution guarantees that the Galaxy Z Flip will sell in the nation for a place somewhere in the range of 1 and 1.5 million won – or what might be compared to $862-$1,293. 
Samsung will allegedly offer just one case structure for the Galaxy Z Flip. It’s a certified cowhide spread accessible in dark or white at the cost of around $100. 
The Galaxy Z Flip will purportedly be offered in restrictive hues by South Korean portable transporters. 
All around the world, an alleged promotion picture for the Galaxy Z Flip has spilled, conceivably befuddling a few people about the phone’s plan. 
Rather obviously, the Galaxy Z Flip may accompany a 12MP fundamental camera, and not a 108MP shooter. 
Yet another gossip demonstrates that the clamshell foldable could cost more than anticipated; or what might be compared to around $1,375. 
After some to and fro with respect to the foldable phone’s legitimate moniker, an administrative body has reconfirmed that Samsung’s clamshell gadget will be known as the ‘Cosmic system Z Flip.’ 
New reports recommend that the Galaxy Z Flip could have a wrinkle on its foldable screen. Also, it may have a side-mounted unique finger impression scanner instead of inserting one in its display. 
Elsewhere in the world, the gadget has been endorsed by the FCC. 
Recent bits of gossip show that the Galaxy Z Flip may hit the racks as right on time as February 14 at the cost of $1,400. 
We solely uncover that Samsung’s forthcoming clamshell may be propelled in an assortment of shading choices including gold, dark, purple, silver, the last of which will have a ‘football-like’ design. 


Author bio: Anna Watson is a graduate from San Diego State University and a blogger online. She loves to write about tech, business, marketing, and many more. Follow her on Twitter at @annawattson25.

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