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How to buy a microwave oven: buying tips for microwave oven

Bangladeshi people are fond of foods. Our food is reputed worldwide for its varied cuisines. However nowadays, with gradually hectic schedules, busier lifestyles and hassle-free cooking, people aren’t able to

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How to buy a Motorbike: Motor Bike Buying Guide for your safety

Before you buy your motorbike, you need to now and concern about some critical issues. The important point is that, your body type: If you cannot put both feet flat

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How to increase Mileage of bike -Top12 tips to increase mileage

There are Top 12 tips to increase and raise your mileage. Do you want to increase your bike mileage? There are some increasing tips for any kind scooters and bikes.

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How to calculate mileage of bike & car: Best tips to calculate mileage

The most frequent way is called ‘reserve to reserve checking’. There are many Rounds for this calculation. Like for Dhaka city, the mileage you will get will not same for

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