Mitsubishi Attrage the great budget car

The Attrage  is a new addition of rangs motors , a stunning sedan from Mitsubishi, one that goes up against the likes of the Nissan or others and aims to provide low-cost. So, Mitsubishi attrage is the greatest budget car for  this summer season.

  The cc of the Attrage is only 1193 cc.

The Attrage nameplate, is a portmanteau of the words ‘attractive’ and ‘Mirage’, the latter being a small Mitsubishi model sold elsewhere in the world. For the time being and still, the Attrage has been sold in Thailand, where it’s built, as a Mirage, too.


As far as the  knowledge of knowing ,Japanese names aside, we’re just sad Mitsubishi didn’t try to sell a Mirage name crossed with the Outlander.

Amazingly, Attrage looks the part of a compact sedan.  It has titanium chrome front grille ,short nose, a boot, a relatively tall, and an edgy front grille with a stylish titanium chrome finish. There are also dark-alloy 15-inch wheels, which really shines the car.


Does it seems ‘budget’ for your wallet?

Yes, great, It’s cheap  compare to other sedan. The price is 15.5 lac


Apart from that, you will get quite a lot of space for rear passengers, while the boot is predictably huge. Thanks, Mitsubishi, for 450-litres,  you can fit a lot of stuff.

DVD player with back camera and fog lamps will be available as default. Also free 4 service will be provided.

But are there good reasons to buy one?
The chief reason are cost and running costsThat means you need 15.5 lac in cash to own one.


Capacity (cc)
Maximum Power (PS/rpm)
Maximum Torque
Fuel System
Engine Type
Wheel Drive
Electronic Controlled Injection – Multi Point Injection
DOHC MIVEC (3A92), 3-Cylinder, 12-Valve Petrol Engine
Front Wheel Drive
Transmission INVECS-III CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
Top Speed (km/hr)
0-100km (sec)
Carbon Emission (g/km) 113
Curb Weight (kg) 900
Length/Width/Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Turning Radius (m)
Tyre Size
185/55 R15




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