Samsung refrigerator Side-BY-Side Model RS21HSTPN1

Manufactured in South Korea, but mostly assembled in Vietnam, Malaysia Samsung refrigerator has the most models on our Bangladesh imported by Transcom digital and rangs electronics. samsung  refrigerator in Bangladesh is very available for its huge samsung fridge showroom in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka. There are many refrigerator models, premium-priced models, to economic model with many price range, but performance is superb on side-by-sides, the RS21HSTPN1 600 Litres is one of the best model .

THE GOOD  Bright display, durable, comes in stunning Platinum Inox colour, lightweight, silent than conventional other freeze, stable operation. Samsung refrigerator has very easy operation and control. Samsung fridge has no frost feature.

THE BAD  Door pocket quality could’ve been better, handle could’ve been sturdy, oh! an expensive item.

THE BOTTOM LINE  This model is stunning has lucrative design and useful for big family. This is easy to use but need extra effort for cleaning. Moreover, it is relatively high price.

Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh

samsung refrigerator price  is 150,000 BDT

In Bangladesh there are many brands like Lg refrigerator , sharp refrigerator ,singer refrigerator , rangs refrigerator, walton fridge in homes for many years. This model price is expensive compare to other low cost fridge with size though the model is different. Walton refrigerator  is very economic with common features.

sharp refrigerator price in bangladesh is also high compare to walton fridge.

 If you compare the samsung refrigerator models with price with toshiba refrigerator price in bangladesh with same configuration then you will see that samsung fridge price is really high.


Samsung refrigerator review 

Outlook Style and design:

Samsung side by side refrigerator give you a deluxe living through stylish appearance. The metallic finish stylish handle is designed to your kitchen or home interiors. It’s easy-open metal bar handles accomplish seamless exterior look in glamour. It looks stunning with its classy and sophisticated appearance.

Samsung-refrigerator-RS21HSTPN1-reviewMoreover, light-rich LED interior lightings illuminate both fridge and freezer luxuriously. From fascinating look and preserving cooling technology, Samsung RS21HSTPN side by side refrigerator enhances and improves your everyday life.


Features Deodorizer, LED Display, Door Open Alarm, Freezer Lamp, Twist Ice Tray


What the refrigerator contain

  1. Vegetable Drawer
  2. Fruit Drawer
  3. Egg Tray
  4. Deodorizer
  5. Dairy Corner
  6. bottle Rack



This refrigerator comes with 600 litre capacity. But the storage capacity is 554 Litres for this equipment. 912 X 734 X 1789 mm is the dimension of this machine and the weight is 108 Kg.


 Refrigerator Features: the great appliance features

A very convenient kitchen appliance with two door refrigerator has been designed with side by side doors. The outside body is designed with lightweight steel. Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor has 7 adaptable speeds to outfit different cooling demands.

Twin cooling features with no frost and multi flow features



Samsung refrigerator motorised with Digital Inverter Technology. Twin cooling is the refrigeration technology that used intelligently cools each chamber independently for kitchen use. It uses two separate air flows and accurate temperature regulator to preserve optimal humidity levels on both the refrigerator and freezer.

Deodorizing filter

deodorizing-filter in samsung freeze

The uses of  smart and intelligent Deodorizing Filter, there is no need for substitute odor or freshener. Samsung developed built-in natural fiber filter of activated carbon, which removes bad smells in the fridge. So the inside Air is kept fresh and antibacterial, preserve your food longer.

Door alarm

Indeed a good function of door alarm is if you forget to shut your refrigerator door the refrigerator is clever enough to alert you with its Fridge Door Alarm. So, there’s no risk of food getting spoilt.


 LED Display & Control

you must gather knowledge information and control at your fingertips by using it.
Know what’s happening inside your refrigerator without ever opening the door. The external LED display, with its pleasing blue glow, shows the inside temperatures for both sides of the Refrigerator.

if you want add a stylist  home appliance in your corner with high price then you should buy it. It has lots space for big family, but  it takes time to clean it properly.

Samsung refrigerator service center in Dhaka

there are many samsung fridge showroom in Bangladesh. They also support the after sales service for fixed time. But it is better to talk before buy any samsung models  for your future help. samsung refrigerator customer care is very good. but you have also ensure your accessories grantees. If you face samsung refrigerator problems , then samsung refrigerator service is there for you with hope. In Bangladesh samsung is going too far. Their phone is going well after symphony mobile. so you can trust them.



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