Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo review

THE GOOD   If you have dyed blonde hair and it does not darken it or change color in any way.

It’s a creamy lather, smells really good and adds shine and makes the hair more black.

  • No itchiness or bumps on  scalp.
    • Makes hair softer, smoother and moisturizes it well.
    • Makes hair shiny and lustrous.
    • available at all general stores and in pouches to.
    • It has a mild fragrance  and feel you refresh.
    • Provides Sun UV protection(product claims).

THE BAD  Sunsilk hair products does not prevent hair fall. It doesn’t also increase hair fall.

• If you have dandruff issues or hair that gets very dirty easily, the shampoo may not  work  or suit.
• Contains chemical ingredients.

It smells nice during the bath, but the smell does not linger long. It added a  shine to hair, but not like Uniliver brands  show in advertisement commercials.

THE BOTTOM LINE  One of the most popular products in Bangladesh,suited mostly long hair.


All general stores, super shop and on line shop.

Sunsilk Shampoo Price: 175 BDT

Contains: 180 ml

About Sunsilk Product

Sunsilk  shampoo claims that it is enriched with Amla Pearl that will use as a protective shield from Sun damage  and  humidity and manage your hair nicely. Sunsilk hair fall solution is good for hair reduction as the company claims.

It will give shinier hair from the first wash. It has special amino acids  with molecules that  leaving you with stunning black shiny hair, everyday.It also claims to provide a healthy glow and nourished hair.

Sunsilk co- creations has introduced a series of new variety of shampoos. the stunning black shine shampoo has been created by Jamal Hammadi , an hair expert.

Appearance in packaging

It comes in the market  with a smooth glossy black bottle with a flip-flop cap which is and is very classy and chic. The sleek side is easier to hold.  It has different sizes available in the market . It looks nice  and you can carry on  travel  and user friendly. One must be careful about closing the cap because it requires a bit of energy to shut it properly.

After opening the bottle it will appear like this


The list of ingredients show a lot of chemicals (listed in Products backside).



The shampoo is thick in consistency.  It comes in a opaque bottle with dark black color and contains a bit of shimmery particles which provides sufficient lather in your hair.

texture-of sunsilk-shampoo


The smell of the shampoo is mesmerizing and you fell during shampooing which will drive away positively.


7.8 ounces

Directions of Usage

Take the quantity of amount in your palms as required by the size and length of your hair.  It will clean scalp and remove dirt. Rinse  gently by your finger on scalp and repeat again until feel the good results.The product recommends following it with Sunsilk conditioner for better results.try to remember one thing, when applying shampoo, focus on the scalp.

Yes you can purchase the product .



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