Top 10 bicycle brands in the world : the best and most expensive bicycle list

Our product review editor choose the top 10 best bicycle brands in the world which are also the most expensive bicycle brands as well. There are best mountain bike brands, then road bike brands, and normal best bicycle brand in the world too. There are other good bikes brands too. But in here we only enlisted top 10 best bicycle brands from bicycle market.

Well, famous brands charge a lot of prices. The latest cycles comes every new year with new features and are also stylish and fashionable according to the latest styles for the young generation.

10. Merida:


Merida is a very well-known cycle brand for mountain bikes. Apart from that, they are  also stylish. Merida Industry Co which is recognized for the designing, making and selling these trendy,modern and expensive bicycles in cycle market. It is from Taiwan every year they are making of thousands of mountain bikes in different colors and varieties.

9. Trek:


Trek bicycle brand sells their products under the name of different brands like Electra Bicycle Company, Diamant bikes, Klein, Gary Fisher, etc. But, this company’s main headquarters are in Wisconsin. This brand is the biggest and leading Bicycles and cycling products in the whole world.

8. Specialized:


Specialized is also one of the top and well-known brands. The official name of this brand is Specialized Bicycle Component. It has been involving in the making of bicycles and their products related to them only and is very successful in that. their products are available in all price ranges which can be affordable to all classes of the society.

7. Cannondale:


Another famous cycle manufacturing company from Canada. Cannondale is a successful bicycle brand. They are innovative in making of different varieties of bicycles in stylish styles. The main headquarter is in the USA and is working in the whole world. Their some variation of bicycles is affordable for the people.

6. Kona:


Kona is very famous bicycle brand from North America. It was started by Dan Gerhard and Jacob as well. It has opened its offices in many other countries like Canada, Switzerland, and America and in many other countries. They have also introduced a latest range of bicycles for girls. they design cycle especially for girl.

5. Scott:


Another king from Scott brand bicycle. It is famous for its sports bicycles and young generations demand in their dream. These sports bikes are top in styles and fashion. This Scott bicycle is from a Swiss company. It makes different kinds of bicycles, winter gear’s, sports products and motor sports.

4. Santa Cruz:


 Santa Cruz is a high class brand in the world. Santa Cruz company is located in USA in California. Their bicycles are in latest styles with high demand.

3. Marin:


Marin company is located in USA, California. Marin is very popular for their mountain bikes (mtb). They are great in features like they are available in many colors and varities. They also make accessories and bicycle parts. These bike are most expensive in the whole worlds.

2. GT:


GT is from America and ofcourse the place is 2nd for its popularity. Their targeted customers are high class. They are expensive ofcourse. They make mountain, BMX and road bikes. Their bicycles are very stylish and available in different models.

1. Giant:


Giant is the best and top ranked bicycle brand. Giant is the most demanded bicycles in the world and the ratio of use is high in ranking. Their bikes are made with best architectural features and best designs that suit the rider most with comfort. It is a Taiwanese based brand. It has its sub-offices in Netherlands, China and Taiwan, etc. Their cycles are best in features and design as well.



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