Whirlpool Ac in Bangladesh : AC model available

Whirlpool Ac in Bangladesh is available in every corner in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka. Our market correspondent, has collected some information about Whirlpool Ac  model which is right now available in Bangladesh.

Whirlpool 3D Cool Technology Air Conditioner

Whirlpool SAR12K33-ac-productreviewbd

Whirlpool Ac in Bangladesh : Model available in Bangladesh:

  • Whirlpool SAR12k33   Capacity: 1.0 ton
  • Whirlpool SAR18K32  Capacity: 1.5 ton
  • Whirlpool SAR24K33  Capacity: 2.0 ton

Here is the Ac  capacity according to size chart


Whirlpool ac price in Bangladesh: whirlpool ac best price

  • Whirlpool SAR12k33  Tk 56,900
  • Whirlpool SAR18K32 Tk 71,500
  • Whirlpool SAR24K33 Tk 84,900

Whirlpool Ac feature at a glance

  • 3D cool technology for fast and uniform cooling
  • 2 way selectable Air movement control
  • 6th sense Power Saver
  • Around U
  • MPFI technology

The type of ac : It is a split type AC

The Good

Auto Restart and Dehumidification facility added with 3d cooling technology

Sleep mode and set the timer option with whirlpool ac remote  control facility

The Bad       

Dust filter facility is not present

There is no Anti-Bacteria Filter facility

You cant set the function Active From to Active To

You cant update  Custom Layout

Energy Saving , EER function is not attached.

The color avaialble : Silver

Whirlpool Ac feature: company claims

3D Cool Technology For Fast And Uniform Cooling

With its ultra-stylish international design, the 3D Cool ACs have the 3 Dimensional Air Intake system that evacuates the hot air inside your room is much faster than the normal Air-Conditioners, thereby, resulting in better heat exchange efficiency, leading to fastest cooling and smart savings.

Air Flow Direction

2 way selectable Air movement control

 6th Sense Power

Whirlpool’s unique 6th Sense Power Saver Technology powered with fuzzy logic operation automatically senses the room temperature and basis that adapts and controls the AC compressor performance to deliver optimum cooling, thereby saving in your AC running cost in smart way.

Around U

In Around U, the air conditioner operates on the basis of the temperature near the remote rather than that around the machine. A temperature sensor fitted in the remote helps achieve this, maximizing cooling around the remote.

MPFI Technology

The advanced Multi Port Fluid Injection uses a unique 4*4 evaporator circuit design for a rapid heat exchange resulting in enhanced cooling capacity and power saving. (1.0T has 3X3)

whirlpool ac bangladesh: whirlpool ac in bd

transcom digital , Samsung showroom, electra showroom sell whirlpool ac in Bangladesh. Most of them come from India but the band name whirlpool is from UK originated.


  • Indoor ( W*H*D) mm 975×325×228
  • Outdoor ( W*H*D) mm 780x530x240

Net Weight

  • Indoor ( Kg ) 12
  • Outdoor ( Kg ) 35

Power Requirement

AC 230V, 50Hz

Warranty summary

Compressor warranty: 3 years Parts warranty: 1 years Free service: 1 year

whirlpool ac buy online : whirlpool air conditioner bangladesh


We will come shortly with whirlpool ac review





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