Bangladesh Biman Review details

Bangladesh Biman Review

“No more journey on your airline”

M Jamidun (Bangladesh) 5th February 2017

 Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur. Actually, this was the worst journey of my life ever. The flight was supposed to be at 9:15 am. For that, I reached the airport on time. The very first thought came up during getting my boarding pass. There was no organized association in the counter, the queue was all over messy. As there was no barricade people were just escaping in between the lines. The flight was then late for 4 hours until 2 pm.

I tried to the accept the delay, but by now I have determined not to use this airline in life again. What forced me to give this review was that the flight was further delayed more 2 hours till 4 pm. Thanks anyway Biman Bangladesh. This is the last journey with you.

“Welcoming with no false smiles”

Riaz Osmani (United Kingdom) 3rd February 2017

 London to Dhaka via Sylhet with Biman Bangladesh. cabin crews were helpful and friendly with no fake smile on their face. Economy cabin was consist of 3-3-3 seating configuration in economic price which added the benefit of comfortable, wider seats. Drinks consisted of one or two types of juice, coke or sprite with actually no other choices offered. The meal was tightfisted in amount.

                                         The airline served you anything they felt like. The main dish in the dinner service consisted of Bangladeshi curries with various choices (chicken, fish, and vegetarian) which were actually unknown to many of the passengers. No menu was provided. The airline provided you the meat one thinking that is what you needed. Tea and coffee were served in a little amount. Portions of the main dish supposed to be more and garnishes like salad needed to be better and more attractive.

Plastic cutlery and paper cups were low-priced. AVOD entertainment offered in the seat back PTVs. Bengali entertainment came with Bollywood, Hollywood and American popular culture. Kids had games for enjoyment and moving map was given both in Bengali and English. Breakfast before landing in Sylhet was very satisfying. The majority of passengers get off in Sylhet availing themselves of a comfortable journey of 9:30 minutes home from London. Small refreshment was provided on the 25-minute flight from Sylhet to Dhaka.

“depend on Biman to be late”

L Tusala (Canada) 24th January 2017

 Dhaka to Toronto via London. Because of being 2 hours late of Biman Bangladesh,  my 21-hour journey took me 45 and I along with 9 others fail to catch the connecting Air Canada flight from London. Their reply at the service desk was “go home” and “the next flight is after 17 hours, you are accountable to book the flight, and since you cannot stay inside the airport, you have to find your own place, somewhere to stay”.

When I and the other passengers started to talk about rights as a passenger, then they allegedly booked the flight, and after more argument, they arranged our accommodation. The Biman agents at the check-in were really bad-mannered.

Their comment was “Biman is always delayed; I don’t understand why other airlines give us as connecting flight.” Well, the reason is Biman never posts their delayed time online. As Biman is always late, I don’t know why not just change the schedule. There was an unannounced transit of an hour in Sylhet which was another surprise. There the cleaning crew started cleaning with a vacuum while the passengers were on board. The crew put the blankets in a garbage bag and thrust the bag in the washroom floor with their feet.

The in-flight refreshment and entertainment were awful. But that’s not a deal breaking reason for me cause I prefer to sleep anyway. As a review, you can always depend on Biman to be delayed, be treated as if they are doing you a favor instead of service, and the one and the only thing I heard and agree with is “never again with Biman Bangladesh”.

flight in Business Class was average”

C Nelson (Bangladesh) 14th December 2016

 My flight from Dhaka to Thailand in Business Class was regular. As I didn’t face any delay problem of being quite lucky, I will like traveling by Biman again. However, I wouldn’t spend money to be on Biman’s Business Class. This flight ticket was bought for me for that I did not care too much, but for those of you who are buying with your money for Business Class,

please consider the following points:

1) You will not enjoy the in-flight entertainment system that they have. I played ‘Dolly Parton’ the whole flight as I couldn’t find any better choice.

2) The internal decoration of the cabin (starting from the lounge) will make you feel like you have traveled back in time to the 70s. Yet dishware and cutlery used for the flight was not attractive and looked old.

3) The food items were very normal. The prawn salad tasted plain. The chef did not do a good job with the refreshment. There suppose to be a better menu. The food served in economy class on my way back from Thailand tasted better than the business class food.

4) The hot towels provided during the flight had insufficient moisture. They just gave warm dry towels which were useless. I was lucky because it was a short flight and the day was clear.

I was able to look down and enjoy the sight below. Otherwise, It would have been a boring journey for me. Positive points: 1) It was spacious and the seats were comfortable. 2) The service provided by the cabin crew was good. 3) The sweet after a meal that they provided was excellent.

“happy to fly with Biman”

Chowdhury Md Ghalib (Bangladesh) 20th September 2016

 Dhaka to Rajshahi, the flight was not delayed. The cabin crews were cooperative specially for my kid.The  Food was nice. The staffs were also good at Rajshahi airport. The flight was before EID-UL-Azha. I am satisfied to fly with Biman, and the aircraft was also neat and clean and also fresh.

“food was terrible”

F Ali (United Kingdom) 14th March 2016

Heathrow to Sylhet with Biman Bangladesh and without any doubt is one of the worst airlines I’ve ever experienced. PTV was broken and I asked almost 10 times for it to be fixed but unfortunately, nothing happened. Staffs were not attentive at their own work and were busy with other things. The food was terrible. Soft drinks were given in paper cups and you have no option without water during non-meal times.

The return flight from Dhaka to Heathrow was similar; surprisingly staff woke us to serve our food instead of just placing it on our tables like any other normal airline would do. Truly terrible service was given. Shame it’s the only airline to offer direct flights o this route.

“crew always had a smile”

Em Parvez (Australia) 27th February 2016

Had a trip on Biman Bangladesh Airlines from Dhaka to London. It’s slow but friendly service was ok and the food was good. The aircraft was comfortable and new. Great worth of money.  Almost 20 minutes delayed departure but arrived on time. Facilities were clean and crew always had a cordial smile. Would definitely fly again with them.

“seats are quite comfortable”

N Morshed (Singapore) 19th January 2016

I traveled to Biman Bangladesh from Singapore to Chittagong via Dhaka. The flight to Dhaka was driven by Boeing 737. The aircraft was quite new, only a few weeks old, but I felt the seat pitch was much comfortable. IFE was reasonable. Meals supposed to be better. Check-in service at Singapore was ok. Cabin crew was also good. The luggage took a long time to arrive at Dhaka.

Flight for Dhaka to Chittagong operated by Boeing 777-300 was delayed by 3 hours. It was quite annoying to wait at the domestic lounge, where the only snacks station had finished all the food. I had to go out of the terminal to get something to eat. However, the aircraft was quite good and the seats were quite comfortable and cozy.

“courteous cabin crew”

F Mottakin (Bangladesh) 31st December 2015

I had a chance to fly from Dhaka to London on Biman Bangladesh. Check in was very professional. The lounge at Dhaka Airport was good. In-flight entertainment, food, and beverage service were satisfactory. Polite and well-mannered cabin crew. Check-in at LHR was also fast and proficient. Gulf Air lounge at LHR was not bad at all. It was worth to take DAC-LHR direct flight in Business class. I am thinking to travel with Biman again.

“a good experience”

Musa Alvi (Bangladesh) 6th December 2015

A pleasant experience with Biman Bangladesh Airlines. The flight was on time and the plane was clean and fresh enough. No IFE system but enjoyed the travel as an in-flight magazine was offered which was written in both Bengali and English. Staffs on board were also polite. The food was good enough for a 40-minute flight. I also used Biman for my returning flight and everything was good except 15 minutes late of the flight.

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Biman means flag carrier and Biman Bangladesh Airlines stand for the national flag carrier airline of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Biman airline was established on 4 January 1972 after the independence war of Bangladesh. Bangladesh biman airlines serve 23 destinations including 15 international. Air Bangladesh was the former name of Biman Bangladesh airlines.

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