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How to calculate mileage of bike & car: Best tips to calculate mileage

The most frequent way is called ‘reserve to reserve checking’. There are many Rounds for this calculation. Like for Dhaka city, the mileage you will get will not same for

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Suzuki Gixxer SF 150 Review-2016

The Good Stylish design and nice looking, good price with compare to other same features bike. The brakes  component used here are steady and the suspension is a real pleasure. A very good feature

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Top 10 bicycle brands in the world : the best and most expensive bicycle list

Our product review editor choose the top 10 best bicycle brands in the world which are also the most expensive bicycle brands as well. There are best mountain bike brands, then road

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Cycle Saracen Tufftrax Mens review: Best Mountain Saracen Bikes

The Saracen bike 2016 Tufftrax from “Saracen” bike Know_more_Saracen_Cycles is a renowned bicycle brand is an excellent mtb bike. Saracen bicycles are perfect and mostly used by young generations. If you

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Pran RFL Duronto bicycle 20 inch Ryan review

There is nothing to say about pran rfl group. Pran group is everywhere, rfl plastic products to rfl furniture. Rfl bicycle is from pran group Bangladesh has been launches too

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