Tata Indigo Manza Car review

THE GOOD   Fuel Efficiency and economy, Segment leading room, a proven fuel efficient engine and a much improved product from earlier (in terms of quality, admirable design of together exterior and interior, loads of necessary features and good pricing, the gear box is nice. Excellent ride quality on smooth roads. The price is unbeatable .

THE BAD  Plastic quality of the Interior Handles and the Glove box knob. They could have been better on those area like door handle, instrument control like the headlight/wiper, glove box locking). the fabric quality is not standard. Interior fit and finish can be improved. Lack of good performance on hill side roads.

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December 08, 2015: Tata Motors has officially put a halt on sale of Manza sedan. The car has been removed from the company’s line-up and is no more featured on the official website. Manza, more or less, was a modified version of Tata Indigo. It was even named as Indigo Manza initially. This somehow backfired as Indigo is known to be a Taxi vehicle. People didn’t accept it as personal vehicle resulting in its failure. Although, the automaker tried to reconcile things by launching a facelift of this car, this wasn’t enough to reassure the customer about the product quality. The Company had stopped production of these cars in July this year as per a report by Society of Indian Automobile Manufactures (SIAM).

Tata manza  Review

This is a test drive review

Fuel Efficiency

1.3 Diesel : 11.8 (City area) / 16.5 ( on highway)
1.4 Petrol : 9.9 (City area) / 13.4 (on highway)

Rock the Space

No car comes even remotely close to the space it offers compare to price.  It has good space for Legroom, headroom. Additionally it adds the features of fully pushing back of front seat. Also the rear seat has so much leg room space. It has lumber support for front seat. Height adjustable for driving seat.Rear seat with 100% foldable back.
Features are too good for the price. It has steering controlled volume. You can connect your phone via blue-tooth and make calls, and receive calls. It comes with a pretty decent music system. It has a display to show how many litres of fuel is left. It has navigator to show how many path you can travel with the fuel left.


The car is solid, period. Undercarriage is sturdy, ride is comfortable, there is a sense of solidity once you are inside. Large spacious cabin, enough leg room, with my model the tilt steering and height adjustable driver seat was a big plus.This car was a big improvement from the then Indigo sedans

Seriously speaking.This is the best car launched in a long  time.
In Cons you’ll find that the plastic quality used is not the best. It doesn’t mean worst quality plastic is used. It’s just not as impressive as everything else in the car.

The improvement areas

Need to power up the engine, at 1.6 tons GVW, a mere 89.7 BHP is frugal – and you can see the rev counter rising once you are past 120 km/h, and not enough power to run faster. Don’t push it beyond 140 km/h, the car is not built to handle such high speeds and feels unbalanced. The best cruising speed is around 100-110 km/h, and you can drive on for hours in a toll highway – the car will take it.



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