Whirlpool Microwave Magicook 25L Oven

Whirlpool Microwave Magicook 25 Litres Oven is a convection microwave oven.

The whirlpool Microwave 30L Convection Oven features provides 4 different combinations of cooking modes which we discuss in our previous microwave oven reviews on The whirlpool Microwave 30L Convection Oven . It is a Convection oven + Grill type microwave oven. Installing a whirlpool microwave oven is very easy like other oven.

Whirlpool Microwave Magicook 25L oven

Whirlpool 25 L oven is similar to Whirlpool 30 L in Design and outlook.



There are only few difference but the features are almost same.



Whirlpool Magicook 30 L Convection has 20% more Capacity then the  Whirlpool Magicook 30BC 25 L . the vavity material is made of Stainless Steel

Whirlpool Microwave Magicook 25 Litres Oven price in Bangladesh : 16,500 taka

Display: Whirlpool Microwave Magicook 25L oven.

Oven Cavity Dimensions (W x H x D)  is 352 x 232 x 330

The Display Type is used in here LED display, the turntable Diameter is only 315mm

The inside color cabinet is solid black. The handle type is Side swing handle. The out side is silver metal made with stainless steel microwave, with the option of black color. The glass door is made with metal protective mesh. whirlpool microwave oven glass tray is very nice.


Cooking Features

Auto cook menus is best in its features. Combination cooking feature is also added.

Type of control used in here , the whirlpool development department says they used  Feather Touch Membrane and they used Intellowave Technology which makes the food quick defrost . it has total 4 no of combi mood. It has also combi grill features.

 Its net weight is 18.5 kg

Cooking mode

Microwave, Grill, Bake, Auto Cook Menu, Combination Cooking. You will also get the Start, Pause, Stop, Keep Warm cooking features.

Moreover,you can choose from 5 different Power Levels to set your cooking time. This oven can do quickly Auto reheat your food by choosing the cooking program of your choice.


This Microwave comes with 100 Auto Cook Menus,  this convection oven would allow you to do make variety of dishes. Wonderfully, whirlpool has a big 315 mm largest turntable, so that, you can cook larger quantity of food items. Apart from that you can also, now quickly reheat your dish in just 30 seconds. Furthermore , its features and function has the facility to add 30 seconds cooking time to your set cooking time additionally in single touch.

If you are new to microwave oven then you can learn more from this guideline, How to buy a microwave oven: buying tips for microwave oven.

Well,You can choose 4 types of  Combi Cooking modes to cook your daily dishes.

What you can choose is  Microwave + Convection mode, Microwave + Grill mode, Grill + Convection mode or Microwave + Grill + Convection mode to cook at any time.

Their product facility: Whirlpool Microwave Magicook 25L oven.

Microwave oven Parts  Covered under Warranty against any Defect arising out of Faulty or Defective Material . but be sure when you buy asked them if the whirlpool microwave parts  are available for future purpose like whirlpool microwave oven repair or whirlpool microwave oven combo troubleshooting.  Be sure from the buying store that would the service will provide whirlpool microwave oven handle replacement, if any damage occur.

You will also get the instructions guide  that, “whirlpool microwave oven how to use” . whirlpool microwave oven instruction manual is very easy to understand if you use any oven before.

Panasonic microwave is the best microwave and also  expensive compare to whirlpool microwave. If you compare to microwave oven price for both oven like  Panasonic nn-df-383B 23L is 25,100 taka where as whirlpool 25 liter is 16,500 taka  from transcom digital. Source: whirlpool microwave oven Bangladesh.

Whirlpool microwave oven in Bangladesh is available  on transcom digital, or any electronics outlet like best electronics. You can also read our samsung microwave oven review from this link Samsung MW73AD-B/XTL 20 L solo microwave oven.

There are many online shop for whirlpool microwave oven buy online . we will soon come up with whirlpool microwave oven demonstration.




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