How to calculate mileage of bike & car: Best tips to calculate mileage

The most frequent way is called ‘reserve to reserve checking’. There are many Rounds for this calculation. Like for Dhaka city, the mileage you will get will not same for the city in Shylhet or Bandorban from Chittagong city. Now we will discuss some steps for getting the mileage of your bike. Let see how to calculate mileage of bike and car, trying to find best tips to calculate mileage in this article.

Round 1. when your bike comes to reserver, fixed your trip meter.

Round 2. By going to petrol pump and fill one litre of petrol.

Round 3. Ride till your motorbike sets in reserve again. See and write it down the trip meter on reserve.


Then, you will get the mileage on your trip meter. Repeat this for some time and take average of figures what you will see and that’s you will get the actual mileage of your bike.

Point to be noted that, it is heavily depend upon traffic, the city where you live in and road condition. Besides, how you ride your vehicle on road and behave with it. How often and aggressively you ride on your bike and how you use your brake and acceleration.

However, if you do not have any reserve in your bike. There is another method you could try.

You can take 1 litre of petrol with you in bottle and let the fuel tank empty normally. There is another alternative way to empty your fuel tank and fill exactly one litre of petrol.

After filling exactly one litre of petrol, note that kilometre reading (km1). You must ensure to have extra fuel with you all the time in case fuel in tank runs out. After it runs out, note your meter reading (km2). Now km2-km1 will be your mileage. Do and repeat this few more time with normal route traffic and get average of figures for more accurate mileage.

But there are more to calculate mileage.

You already know that, for a fuel injected bike you should not use one liter method as it damages the fuel pump.

Now, try to estimate the mileage by filling tank up to brim and running it till the fuel becomes empty. You can acquire an average reading of mileage by a simple math equation

                               Total kilometres /no of litres filled.

Now, this method will work and it will be the the most accurate one till date. Though the process seems expensive but this is the safe and correct process or technique as damage to fuel pump is less than partially filled tank does.

If your bike is fuel injected you can’t make it empty. So in this situation you will full your fuel tank and drive 300 to 400 km. Repeat again, you will full your tank fuel and calculate your mileage between kilometres. After driving calculate the km and how many litters you poured. Digital meter always show the exact mileage of your motor bike.

It will show you like 40km/L

Sometimes, it is too difficult to follow, so that’s why my suggestion is to go to near bike center and tell them that to check the millage they will tell you the accurate mileage.But you must remember one thing that the mileage depends on the road conditions and traffic and rider’s behaviour.

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