How to increase Mileage of bike -Top12 tips to increase mileage

There are Top 12 tips to increase and raise your mileage. Do you want to increase your bike mileage? There are some increasing tips for any kind scooters and bikes. There are lots of brands in Bangladesh, like Bajaj Pulsar, Yamaha Fazer, Hero Honda, Splendor, etc.

  1. First check the amount of Air pressure in tyres.
  2. Do you know, how much quality of fuel you need for your vehicle. You must go to a good station. If conceivable all the time try to go to trusted station.
  3. Try to loose vehicle chain. It reduces your mileage.
  4. Try to make the engine tuning in a good service center. You must ensure it with good service center and the mechanic must be an expert.
  5. Always shift you gear in right RPM.
  6. Sometimes, after buying most riders don’t check for servicing. It is very important. Try to examine your bike serviced on regular intervals.
  7. On rainy season and on mud road spark plug hampers a lot. So, clean Spark plug and Stock air filter regularly.
  8. Don’t show too much charisma. Hey I am telling to those special young generations; avoid excessive use of acceleration and braking.
  9. Apart from that, you must and always ride in right rpm. Most bikes and other vehicle specialist say that generally, 3k to 5k rpm is best or optimum mileage. And of course keep your speed steady. Try not to accelerate while holding clutch.
  10. Well, don’t change your gear frequently; try to ride on same gear. So, don’t change gear randomly.
  11. Another factor, you should focus that try to avoid rapid braking.
  12. And for your safety, ride in average speed of 50-60

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