Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung’s 2017 rebound phone

Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung’s 2017 rebound phone

Samsung Galaxy S8 is an immediate continuation of the Galaxy S7 that was discharged last March. What’s more, to be clear: not at all like the Note 7, there have been no known cases of flames or blasts with the Galaxy S7, either.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release date :

Samsung Galaxy S8  smartphone,  is going to hit the market in the month of February 28, 2017.

The phone might even be pushed back to April according to Samsung Tests Button for Improved AI Feature on Galaxy S8 Phone (rumor)

other rumor  says the phone’s firmware is already in production.

The Galaxy S8 is still likely months from making its presentation, yet the breaks and bits of gossip have as of now started. Here are the most critical of the bundle.

The question is, will the Galaxy S8 have enough of the products to refocus customers who dashed after the Note 7 catastrophe?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors, Specifications:


It has a 30MP camera the rear end and a 12Mp camera at the front view with a dual LED flash.


Samsung Galaxy S8, the smartphone has a non-removable battery of 6200mAh.

It’s likewise expected that Samsung will go ultra-high-def for its next enormous telephone, knocking up the S7’s present determination (2,560×1,440 pixels) to a 4K determination of 3,840×2,160 pixels.

Galaxy S8 and curved-screen Edge could be one and the same

The Galaxy S8 could have the same curved sides as the S7 Edge, according to another rumor.

Galaxy S8 could  come in two sizes!!!

So these are some of the key features and rumors of Samsung s8.

We’ll upgrade  the Samsung Galaxy S8  gossip and stories surface in the long leadup to the dispatch.

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