Paypal’s new designed mobile app for send money or pay online easily

PayPal has changed in its major changes in iOS and Android mobile app. Now, Paypal account holder will get lots of new features and could send peer-to-peer transaction via Paypal account.


Paypal service holder will now get a personalized hub. From this hub they can request money from their existence phone contacts. Moreover, PayPal account holder also find a list of transaction with people. now paypal ensures more paypal customer service and paypal debit card holder will be more happy by using it.


Paypal reviewed its transferring condition in the last two years it has monitored a 100 percent increase in the number of P2P transactions. So,they step ahead to redesign its app features.

The new P2P feature makes the app very Venmo-esque. PayPal has its own Venmo. The P2P has a clear transaction details,pending payment options and requests on home screen or in index page.
PayPal mentioned its features that can mate with Android fingerprint authentication. So paypal android app can be worked on any android phone.
It is only active for 145 markets where the software is available. You can get it on paypal app store.

But it is a matter of regret that there is no service for PayPal. In Bangladesh there are so many freelancer works on many freelancing website. We, programmers are shouting for this facility for many years. But the government is still silent for this issue. we need paypal account for our needs to contract globally. Even freelancers are ready to give paypal fee  for their online work.

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